Preserving Your Dream

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Traditional, Durable, Marine Enamel
With over 45 standard colors and the ability to custom mix 
That "just right" color, we at Marshalls Cove can help
​you keep your dream alive
We at Marshalls Cove believe your boat is more than just 
planks and frames, she's a part of you, she's your family, your friend, your community.  She's your tie rod to those experiences that only silent reflection can explain.

We believe in experiences and education through the act of doing; if a picture is worth a thousand words than a day in the shop or on the water must pave the way for a lifetime of stories.

Through it all, we believe these experiences, stories and dreams are worth saving and protecting so you and your future generations can ease the hook down on a quiet afternoon, share the laughter and triumphs of the day, and revel in the journey of the brush from the can to the planks to the waves to that same quiet cove.

Bust most of all...

We believe in you